Varun Main Director Tenor/Vocal Precussionist -4thYear

Born on the shores of the Ganges, Varun learned how to swim from a young age after swimming about of his mother’s womb. He was destined to be a great Olympic Swimmer and with years of practice he was able to swim to the shores of the US from his native land of India. However, by the time he reached the American shore, he got bored with swimming and picked up a guitar. He played that for a while till he came to UCSC. Then get got bored with that and started singing and beatboxing (with Michel’s help). Let’s see what happens to him next…

 John Music Director Bass -2ndYear

John Kim. Philanthropist. Entrepreneur. Bass. Born in the lush grasslands of San Francisco. There he excelled in all that Asians do: he kicked ass in math, Taekwondo, and had a great head of hair. Eventually he decided that he was bored at being so cool and went on a long voyage to find Acquire A Cappella. There he auditioned and became the new “Asian Bass.”



Matt Music Director Bass  - 2nd Year

Born in ’94, Matt has been keeping it real in Tracy, CA. Recently equipped with a new Gateway computer; he enjoys spending endless hours on video games, with his friends. After being inspired by several years in the high school male barber shop quartet, The Testostertones, Matt ambitiously sought after a position in Acquire and has loved it.




Carly Business Director Soprano -2ndYear

This is Carly’s second year in Acquire and her sophomore year at UCSC. She is an avid yawner, not be confused with boredom. Her hobbies include vacuuming, doing the dishes and folding laundry; typical woman stuff. Aside from chores, Carly loves to play the clarinet, do improvisational comedy and of course sing. Born and raised on the rough streets of SoCal’s beach cities, Carly has a tough exterior, but don’t let this fool you; she’s a sucker for baby raccoons. Although she has little experience with choral groups, Carly took a chance and is now a soprano in UCSC’s Acquire A Cappella.

Bobak Baritone -2nd Year

Bobak“Bobby” Pousti. Man? Animal? Human? Life? … An existence beyond all else. To dine with God is but a luxury. To sing him to sleep, a gift. What else? How can a human existance fit in a half sheet of paper? How can life be so joyous, death so imminent? Enjoy life. It’ll fly by. #yolo

Brendan Tenor -3rd Year

Brendan is a third year. He graduated from his high school three years ago. After he graduated from his high school he went to college at UC Santa Cruz. Last year he was a sophomore in college. He is now a third year student. He enjoys eating mashed potatoes and trying on different shoe sizes of the same shoe at the shoe store.

 Martin Tenor - 1st Year
 Jordan Tenor 3rd Year
 Olivia Alto- 2nd Year

Born in 1993 on the small island of England, just outside of London, Olivia has made her way across the pond on that silver bird to join Acquire for one year only! Olivia sings Alto…and she enjoys it. She also enjoys chillin with her guac from her chip hat. After all, diversity is an old, old wooden ship that was used during the Civil War era.

 Audrey Mezzo - 2nd Year

Audrey Vogel loves rainbows, running, and recycling. She discovered she could sing when she was a not so wee chubbster in elementary school. Years later, despite her brothers’ concern of her turning into a hippie, she decided to attend UCSC and loves every moment there. She is happy to report she still showers daily and is not rocking a single dreadlock (she couldn’t pull them off anyway). She’s kind of a big deal, has many leather bound books, and her apartment smells of rich mahogany. Namaste.

Abrielle Alto - 1st Year

Abrielle is a freshman at UCSC. She is grateful to be able to go to school at such a special and beautiful place. Abrielle likes to go down to the Santa Cruz wharf and watch the sea lions. She appreciates Starbucks unabashedly. She likes to sing when she is happy, sad, in love, out of love, and in mourning.

 Ryan Bass - 3rd Year
Michel Vocal Percussionist/Bass - 3rd Year

“Mike G” or ‘Mich” as they call him came to rescue UC Santa Cruz A Capella that was in dire need of a beat maker. As a new freshmen member of Acquire A Capella, he hopes to gain better creativity, balance, an ear through the year commitment. He is a self-taught “vocal percussionist” (in other words beatboxer) from Sacramento, California that began his Sophomore year of high school. Through Youtube videos of beatboxer Lippicool from the UK, he became passionate for the art of beatbox and quickly was able to pick up its rhythm and produce fundamental sounds. With practice and time, Michel expanded his repertoire with new sounds that gained him followers. He grew to love beatboxing and began teaching others by forming a “Beatbox Club” as well as performing in local Open Mics and school rallies. Michel also desires to learn how to sing though he has had no previous experience in doing so.

Neda Mezzo - 3rd Year

Neda comes from the far away land of Sweden but she’s Persian like a cat, meow, and lives in Menlo Park. She is a Molecular Cellular Nerdy Developmental Biology major and likes to sing, (like lalalalala) her way through life. She joined Acquire as a cutsie little freshman baby but is now a second year student. AIGHT. Call her if you need more info yo. DUECES.

Robert Bass - 4th Year

Robert Pistone is a spectacular and wacky character in the group of Acquire. A shining example of the Bass part, he enjoys shooting nerf guns and drunk walks down Mission St. Robert Pistone has been in the group longer than any other Bass because he is super cool… um he also has a pet dragon and was secretly elected president by the nation of Pennsylvania. He also does not have good geographical skills, but as a Legal Studies major he is super smart in other areas because of his super good edumacation. Robert Pistone, the man with the large ego, is nothing short of a god.

Rocky Baritone - 4th Year

Rueshil Parekh was born on the hard streets of Long Beach, California where he was a brat who liked to throw phones out of 20 story windows. He then moved to Tustin when he was 7 years old where he found life, love, and the pursuit of singing in people’s faces. He continued to sing in people’s faces, until he met Acquire a Capella. Now he sings in people’s faces with many other people who enjoy doing the same and is very happy. Recently he was renamed Rocky for punching out all the annoying reality singing shows’ judges, and saving the world from vocal blasphemy. He likes to spend the rest of his days singing, eating, doing medical stuff, derping, and herping.

 Anna Soprano1st Year
 Lauren Alto - 2nd YearLauren Alaine Garcia is an Olympic swimmer/gymnast with a lovely voice who once, completing gold in all of her events, decided to break the consecutive backflips record by back flipping (over land and sea) all the way to UCSC. She now lends her golden voice to the choir of angels known as Acquire A Cappella.
 Adrianna Soprano - 3rd YearAdrianna spent her first life as the legendary silent hero of time in the vast region of Hyrule. There she was stuck saving a princess who would only thank her by sending her back to the beginning of her quest. So after she got tired of that she traveled to Termina, saving that land and once again being sent back to the first day of her quest. She then decided to use her Ocarina to transport herself into this world where she awoke and found her voice. She sang for a year in her high school show choir, loving every second of it, and even landed a few roles in various school theater productions. Adrianna is now super excited to be a first year member of Acquire A Cappella.<3

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