Street Team

When Acquire was first started in early 2007, we knew that the basic formula for a good a cappella group was great musicians singing well-arranged songs. Because it was never our goal to follow only the basic formula, however, we have set out to create an organization that incorporates dedication in both musical and nonmusical sectors. Acquire runs smoothly due to a behind-the-scenes team of devoted individuals who help expand the group into many areas outside of simply singing songs.

These people are known as the Street Team.

Headed up by the group’s Manager, the Street Team take on many tasks, including Web Presence, Performance Tech, Event Planning, and many other areas that fall within the business side of the organization. Some members of the Street Team dedicate several hours a week to helping promote these areas of Acquire; others lend a hand when needed. Profiles of Acquire’s full-time Street Team members can be viewed in the Members section along with the rest of the group.

Getting Involved

Unlike with the singers, there is no “audition” process for becoming a member of the Street Team. Anyone with the drive to help out in the group and an idea how is eligible to join up. If you are interested in joining the Street Team as a full-time member, e-mail us at

Those interested in just helping out in a small way can also get in touch for ways to assist the group at shows and other appearances. Another way to get involved is by participating in the traditional form of Street Team marketing. If you happen to love stapling flyers to bus stops at 8 in the morning on Mondays, we’d love your help!

Just remember: Anyone can have ownership in this organization who is willing to put in the time and the love. Don’t hesitate to get involved.