Matt (Director) Bass  4th Year
Hello everyone, my name is Matticus. I live in the great state of Wisconsin, tending to my cows and making cheese. During the school year, I come to Santa Cruz and bring several of my cows with me. My cows provide much of the cheese in the dining halls here at UCSC. I love them, ones name is Alex, named after Alexander the Great, and Alex McCutcheon, a fellow acquire singer. Well that’s all the time I have, thanks for reading my bio. Always remember “Mile by mile, life is a trial, inch by inch, life is a cheese wedge”
Abrielle (Asst. Director) Alto  3rd Year
Abrielle Parker aka “8-pack Abs Parker” is the life blood that drives Acquire in all it’s glory. Not only does she sing with the voice of a newborn baby angel but also does so with a gentle humility that befits her shining persona. She is also a ten time national table tennis champion at least six times.
John (Music Director) Bass  4th Year
Under a saffron sky, a boy brought himself into this world after a painless labor. He did not open his mouth to cry, but instead looked to his mother and proclaimed in a powerful bass voice: “Behold, I am John Kim.” Surely, one may notice how the words ‘Boss’ and ‘Bass’ have only one divergent letter? Well it’s not a coincidence. John Kim runs this bitch like a girls track team coach. He’s also literally the greatest rugby player in Acquire, so call him the “Asian Bass” one more time and you might wake up 6 feet deep. The simple fact is that you don’t deserve John Kim. Acquire doesn’t deserve John Kim. But we’re more than happy to have him.
Justin (Music Director) Bass  3rd Year
From the very beginning, Justin has been a man of many talents. As a 3rd student here at UCSC, he has proved his musical finesse as one of Acquire’s amazing music directors. Matching his musical talent, Justin’s other skills include master chef and expert road trip DJ. He is also the biggest Golden State Warriors fan to ever live. 10/10 would definitely recommend.
Bobak Tenor  4th Year
You’ve probably seen this guy around. If not, check your phone. He’s probably taken a selfie on it. Oh, you were wondering who that was? Yeah, it was this guy. Bobak Pousti (aka Bobby) is quite the crazy dude. He’s a tenor in Acquire A Cappella and if you’re ever too far away in the audience to distinguish who’s who, just look for the guy bouncing around everywhere who makes “zzz” sounds every so often and you’ll know it’s him- Bobak, that crazy dude. Sometimes, you won’t be able to find him. If you see a guy wearing a Christmas sweater and lights and glasses and holding a ukulele that looks vaguely like him, don’t mistake it for Bobak. That’s Raj, an even crazier dude. Every time Raj comes around the Acquire group, Bobak is nowhere to be found. It’s weird. Sometimes Raj gets a little too crazy and we start missing Bobak. That soccer and Ariana Grande-loving Bobak Pousti. Although he’s got identity issues and uses 90% of everyone’s storage from all his selfies, he’s the life and exuberance of the group and it wouldn’t be the same without him. After all, when he’s not there, then Raj comes along, and that just gets too crazy.
Katie Alto  2nd Year
Katie has an infectious smile and endlessly positive attitude. She loves dogs, aquatic sports, her family, and making music. Katie is a fearless adventurer as well as a kind and caring friend. She is an avid collector of cute dog videos from the internet.
Lindsey Alto  2nd Year
This is Lindsey’s first year with Acquire and second year at UCSC. She’s a strong alto, aspiring beat boxer, and has a solo voice that will take your breath away. When she’s not singing, you’ll most likely find her reading, writing short stories, eating sour candy, or playing guitar.
Lauren Mezzo  1st Year
There is much to say about Lauren “Orange” Arnest. Lauren is female. Approximately 5′ 2″. Brown hair. 18 years of age. Born and raised somewhere in California. Lauren attends the University of California, Santa Cruz. Of the 10 colleges within the University, Lauren attends Porter College. Lauren is in Acquire A Cappella because Lauren sings. Song is defined as “a short poem or other set of words set to music or meant to be sung.” This is what Lauren does. She sings songs. Lauren also enjoys oranges. Orange rhymes with Lauren. It is for this reason that she is called “Orange”. What rhymes with sing you ask? Bing. More specifically, Chandler Bing.
Camila Alto  2nd Year
This is Camila, one of our beautiful altos in Acquire A Capella. Let me tell you a few things about Camila. 1. She is bold. Cam always speaks her mind and has strong thoughtful opinions 2. Cam is silly. She will always make you laugh. I sometimes can’t stand next to her at rehearsal because we will no doubt burst out into giggles 3. Cam is beautiful! Um just look at this smoking hot pic. We are so lucky to have her. And Cam, you are the peanut butter to my jelly <3
Alex Bass/V.P.  4th Year
When McCutcheon isn’t at rehearsal supplying the sick beats that keep our group together, you can find him in his hometown, Danville. McCutcheon, a farm boy at heart, tends to the rural Danville lands. If you can’t find him there, he is probably running through the 6’s with his woes, AKA his farm animals. Above all, McCutch is both a dependable farmer and wonderful member of Acquire. We want his hot love and emotion, endlessly.
Aurora Soprano  1st Year
Meet Aurora, a soprano goddess with hair as beautiful and colorful as her name suggests. Don’t be fooled by her sweet smile, she can and WILL school you on the dance floor. Although she literally looks exactly like her parents, she is indeed one of us and not a clone. Aurora can often be found clad in fishnets, not to be confused with actual fish in nets. Although she is a young seedling in her years at UCSC, this freshman–nay, fresh-woman, has already made great strides toward success as a multifaceted artist. All of these qualities and more make Aurora our shimmering light through the darkness of our college days.
Maddie Mezzo  3rd Year
And anytime you feel the pain, hey Jude, refrain
Don’t carry the world upon your shoulders
For well you know that it’s a fool who plays it cool
By making his world a little colder
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah
Anna Soprano  3rd Year
Anna Castleton is currently a junior at Santa Cruz double majoring in film production and psychology. When she is not busy singing sweet soprano falsetto melismas that put the likes of Florence Welch to shame. She enjoys listening to records and taking beautiful pictures!
Jacob Tenor  2nd Year
A man with a vision. Those who don’t know him think he’s delusional, but everyone in Acquire knows for a fact that he has “A Head Full of Dreams.” If you haven’t had the chance to listen to a Darby original, prepare your “Parachutes” because you’re about to be blown away. In his spare time, when Darby isn’t making girls swoon with his rich and sultry voice or destroying the competition at the arrangement game, he’s usually telling spooky “Ghost Stories.” However, these aren’t your generic campfire horror stories, for they are only conceived when Darby gets an oddly specific “Rush of Blood to the Head.” He’s a super cool dude, and we’re really glad to have him. Another One. Mylo Xyloto.
Nicholas Bass  1st Year
Nicholas “BDN” Hammmond.
Eagle Scout, nationally competetive dancer, bioengineer, and cornerstone of the vocal bass section of Acquire.
This man knows no bounds within the context of achievement, driven by the passion and motivation of a burning sun.
To label him as a “Model Human Being” would be an understatement.
I pray that the sons and daughters of tomorrow aspire to the grace and magnificence this man embodies merely within his pinky finger, let alone his entire being.
Acquire is blessed to be graced by the depth and consistency of this man’s vocal bassism.
Carly Soprano  4th Year
Carl is queen b soprano. Her angelic voice, musical expertise, and patience make her a great teacher and an integral part of the group dynamic. She’s a powerful lady with a great sense of humor who scoops ice cream on the side and enjoys dressing her cat in sweaters. She also sees dead people.