Hello 2014!

From everyone at Acquire A Cappella, we want to with you happy holidays and a happy new year. As 2014 rolls by, we are looking forward to bringing more content and putting on more elaborate shows so we can entertain and maybe raise a couple of eyebrows of delight!

We know we’ve been AWOL recently; we’ve been arranging a couple more songs, working with new leadership, and getting cozy with our newest members! But with a new year coming up, we will bring forth what we’ve been working on for the last couple months!

Speaking of new recruits, here they are!

From Left to right: Ryan DeHart (Bass), Audrey Vogel (Mezzo), Abrielle Parker (Alto), Lauren Garcia (Alto), Adrianna Gonzales (Soprano), Jordan Burnside (Tenor), Michele Weindling (Mezzo), Anna Castleton (Soprano), Martin Lee (Tenor). And not pictured: Olivia Packard (Alto)


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